torsdag 23. september 2010

Victory Orgasm Nazi

As most of you acolytes know, the world is filled with posers, faggots and jews, and the internet is no exception. The interweb is contaminated by untrve maggots listening to Behemoth and pretending that they are black metal. These unworthy whores are spreading their filthy maggots! They are trying to turn black metal into a hollow, family friendly and pussified piece of commercial rat-shit! Thy are trying to strip black metal of its values and turn it into something 'nice', and something that is for 'everybody'. These weak-minded cocksuckersd are spreading their spiritual HIV everywhere on the internet these days.

But there are still pure havens of kvltists devoted to maintaing the spirit and values of black metal.


Victory Orgasm Nazi (VON) is a community for true, narrow minded and kvlt black metal fans.
It is an elite circle of vicious and kvlt individuals without moral, without mercy and without inhibitions. This place is a focal point for underground black metal and true kvltist values.
If you are a kvltist, and wish to communicate with other individuals of relatively equal kvltness, then this is the place for you.

But be warned. Anyone who are not approved by the Inner Circle will be chastised severely for intolerable jewish behavior! Victory Orgasm Nazi is a den of vicious wolves. If you cannot hold your own, then neither you or your inferiority has any place at VON.

Applicants who will receive immediate rejection:

. People who do not meet the minumum required level of kvltness
. Jews
. Christians
. Muslims
. Faggots
. People who listen to Dimmu Borgir
. People who do not walk the path of Black Metal

If any of these issues applies to you, then do not bother applying, and drown yourself in a bath of acid in stead. Slowly.

Until next time, Keep the Flame Burning!

Yours cruelly, N.S.

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