fredag 8. januar 2010

Treachery Knows No Bounds

Most of you should know by now, that Norwegian band Keep of Kalessin will be competing in the Eurovision contest. Reactions have been mixed, to say the least. Some consider this a gross sell-out, while others think that true musicians do what ever they want, regardless of reations.
Here's my humble opinion on the matter:


On my kvlt scale, this is about as kvlt as taking your grandmother to church, and then have sunday dinner with her afterwards! Keep of Kalessin have never scored high on the kvltness in my book, but this is fucking pathetic! While tr00 bands record masterful and kvlt black metal in their grandparents' basements, and only distribute their music through deaththreats, these studio-whores go on international televiosion (Even there, it gets unkvlt) to spread the watered out cum-juice they call music! Real bands molest goats in the woods, they don't go on international song contests like some fucking retarded Ten Sing group!

What ever happened to the old days? When bands lived in complete solitude in the woods, and produced raw and perverse music, worshipped satan, raped animals, killed homosexuals and committed suicide? Nowadays bands lead urban lifestyles, co-exist with their environment, respects others' opinions, produce mindless, soulless (And not in the good way) "metal", donate money to charities and apperantly, competes in Euro-fucking-vision! I find their lack of kvltness disturbing.

They would rather play polished, boring, weakling fag metal at an event that is is clearly held only as a means to placate the jews, than to play evil, blasphemous and sodomizing black metal in the dark underground! Fine. They can have their little zionist get-together. If they do not wish to even attempt to earn their place in the Kvlt, then who are we to stop them? Then again, if anyone wishes to sodomize their pets or sometething like that, I'm all for it.

The lack of kvltness and grimness in today's music infuriates me, as I'm sure it infuriates you acolytes as well.
There are still tr00 kvlt bands out there, though. And I assure you, that my own band will never forsake its kvltist principles!

Until next time, listen to some truly kvlt black metal, and let it skullfuck you all the way to Transilvania!

Yours cruelly, N.S.

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  1. Hehe! The German lady Lena won.

    It saved face of KoK, because imagine, just for one second, that KoK had won... o_0

    The other time it was Lordy which won, now KoK trying its luck... I guess that many people from their country did not even approve of the question of sending a "metal" band to Eurovision, eh? :-)

    Keep kvlting!!